quality management

quality management

Only product quality is nowhere near enough anymore. Work process quality and continuity are important success factors not only for producers and dealers, but above all for the many providers of logistics services.


Especially for quality management along your supply chain and / or logistics processes, we have created the solution through "integrated quality management". Our goal here is to see quality management as an integral part of your day-to-day operations from the outset and to permanently optimize your work processes with the help of quality management. So you not only get quality management at the highest level, but also a continuous improvement process at the same time.

Based on our many years of QM experience, we started several years ago to develop our own online QM portal, which to this day has become a valuable tool for daily quality and document management. In the meantime, we have made so much progress with the QM portal that we can offer it for use regardless of our consulting services. If you are interested in a site-independent, platform-independent solution that allows you to manage your processes and documentation in a very individual and mobile way, simply contact us and we will gladly demonstrate a QM tool at the highest level.

Here you will find more information about our QM-Portal.