action plans

action plans

With our action plans, you get a very interactive element for the control and traceability of your measures and to do's.

A special highlight here is our "direct to do" - but more on that later.

The measures are organized by us per location in OPL (open points lists). You can enter these directly in the portal and specify the responsible person in charge, the person involved in the measure, further information, file attachments (photos, PDF, ...), etc. in addition to the measure itself. Of course, the completion date is also given, which you can specify if necessary with a repetition interval. The interesting thing here is that the employee you are responsible for completing will also receive a notification by e-mail. In the QM portal you also have the option of linking the appointments and measures as an Internet calendar with your mail program (eg Outlook) so that all the information can be seen there again. As soon as a measure has reached its completion date and has not yet been set to "settled", you, the person who created the measure, will receive a reminder mail as well as the one you have "made responsible".

The individual OPL points of the locations that are not yet "completed" are summarized on the company page in a "central action plan" summarized. Thus, the central managers, central QM managers, etc. always have a general overview of all open topics.

Our "direct to do" ideally complements the system of organization of measures. With the "direct to do" you are able to capture a measure quickly and easily with your mobile phone or tablet. Here only the absolutely necessary contents are requested (person responsible, subject, appointment and if necessary a photo) and created in the portal. Further information and additions can then always be supplemented / changed in the OPL. The "direct to do" has been specially developed for the installation of measures that arise, for example, during warehousing or production tours. You no longer have to write them down and then type them somewhere, but you can create and communicate the measure directly on the spot. We have also integrated the "dierect to do" into our "mobile checks", so that you can immediately take action when working through the checklists when you have a deviation in your tours.