modular construction

modular construction

The idea for the QM portal originally came from the QM requirements of logistics service providers and has developed into an "all-round system" over the last few years. Meanwhile, our customers use the portal in many areas (production, own branches, third-party service providers etc.). Due to the general modular structure of the portal, we are able to react quickly to requests from various directions without burdening the portal with unnecessary content for the individual customer. The module selection can be organized individually down to location / branch level.

The core of the QM portal is certainly the establishment of the company structure and document management.

In the corporate structure, you create the individual (operative) locations below your headquarters. There are two preconfigured variants - our own branches and third-party service providers who follow an outsourcing model. The difference is essentially in reading and writing permissions and in the elimination of some unneeded functions at the external service providers. Within the location, the corresponding users are then stored with their authorizations and the individual document structure, the location appointments and -OPL etc. are created. The corporate headquarters follows here again separate rules, since there are established various overarching functions.

The document management itself is a core module of the QM portal and always scope of the delivery package. Documents can be created and organized per location or company-wide. You always have the choice between online documents that follow a clear approval workflow and "nice documents" that you can organize very individually in the portal.

Another module is, for example, the "mobile check", with which you can work through a previously stored checklist on your mobile device, can directly define and store measures and the whole thing is finally logged.

Over the next few months, we will be providing various modules as online versions for our customers, for which we are currently offering "only" templates for processing. These include above all an online risk analysis, which will also be expressed as an interactive element, a module for supplier evaluation, a complaint management or even an e-learning module. Our goal is to permanently adapt the QM portal to the growing demands for digitization of work and control processes and to further develop this.