document management

document management

No more dusty folders; no different versions that are used; access your documents anytime, anywhere - platform independent and without software installations.

We offer various possibilities to organize your documents.

For one thing, we have the "workflow-based documents".
These are online documents that follow a clear build, modify, and share workflow. You can use the respective user authorizations to control who is allowed to do something and thus ensure that only documents are published in the "four eyes" principle. These documents are audit-proof and have automatic archiving so you can access the document history at any time. Of course, it is always understandable who changed or released what when. You can also restrict the use of these documents for specific user groups (HACCP team, management). These online documents will enable you to organize your complete quality management almost paperless, not only contributing to sustainable office organization, but also directly eliminating the problem of having multiple sites or different divisions with different versions is working.

Another option is provided by the "free documents".
With this type of documents, we take individualization into account. In these document areas you can deposit your own individual forms, copies of certificates, safety data sheets, signature lists and much more. Here, too, there is a specially protected area for documents of the HACCP team / management, where, for example, logs of stress tests, management reviews, risk analyzes, etc. can be stored. As the name suggests, you are completely free with these documents, in which form you want to deposit them. You can simply upload all popular formats (PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, ...) to the portal and the corresponding document will be available to all authorized employees.

We offer a very special service with regard to the information on new / changed documents. All employees registered in the portal will receive corresponding information emails if a relevant document has been newly set or updated. Thus, all changes in the portal are proactively communicated and does not go unnoticed.