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  • optimizing cross-docking processes

    optimizing cross-docking processes

    Review and realignment of cross docking processes across multiple locations.

  • Tenders logistics processes

    Tenders logistics processes

    With the beginning of our activities in 2010, following a competitive bidding were an important part of our portfolio. From…

  • quality management 4.0

    quality management 4.0

    Less a project, as a more permanent job .... We have taken the quality management for the logistics processes for…

  • central warehouse optimization

    central warehouse optimization

    In recent years, we could already perform several optimizations of processes in various central warehouses - like trading central warehouse, production…

  • our customers

    our customers

    Even if we are moving strongly in the field of food industry, so to find our customers in almost all…

  • SCM-Project Leader

    SCM-Project Leader

    A project that runs over several years and includes the recording of the actual processes on the analysis of trade-offs…